Our story began with a question

Surely there must be a simpler and more efficient wat to manage my travel agency business

This was the question the co-founders of My HubLite had asked. Managing their travel agency business required countless hours daily and cost, and they couldn’t find an application which was reasonbly priced and user friendly. This ultimately led to My HubLite, to help small to medium size travel agency businesses to modernise from the traditional business model, which may have worked fine in the past, but now there is an even better way to manage a business with My HubLite.

From day one...

Frustrated with the difficulties and challenges of running their business without any system. the co-founders started My HubLite with a small concept that ignited an even bigger and more ambitious vision. Although the team has grown, the vision, values, and passion for creating the best software remain the same.

Solving problems within.

As product developers, ensuring the businesses run their day-to-day process much better, easier, and more convenient was a big part of their overall strategy. Moreover, it was important the business owners were able view summaries of all orders, sales data trends over time, customer insights, and much more - providing the business manager with unprecedented information to make strategic decisions with long-term business benefits.

Our Mission.

Our Mission.

We have an amazing, dedicated, and visionary team at My HubLite to build an effective solution for small to medium size travel agency businesses. Our mission has become to develop a powerful but simple modern system that is cloud-based to run your business smoothly and succeed in today's ever-evolving market through our:

● Innovative technologies,
● Robust features,
● Intuitive user interface,
● Reliable customer service.

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